Bus Transfers To and From Bratislava Airport

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Bratislava Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Passengers at the Bratislava Airport have access to rental cars, taxis, hotel shuttles, and buses as options for ground transportation. The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is a highly sought-after travel destination because of its long history, the beauty of the old city built on it, its extraordinary natural landscapes, and the nearby art and culture tours.

The transfer options are located right outside the terminal. You can make reservations in person or online. The airport provides a range of approved transportation choices for its guests.

At the BTS exit and serving the Bratislava Airport is the bus terminal for the city's core and neighborhoods.

Buses at Bratislava Airport

There is a bus terminal outside for those who would instead take a bus to the airport. There are numerous bus lines from which to choose. Once you have your luggage, you can quickly go there. Suppose you are still getting used to this area of the airport. In that case, you can visit the Information area inside the air terminal.

Two buses are available to take you during the day from the Bratislava Airport to the city center. The airport is connected to the Main Railway Station by bus number 61 and Petralka, Prokofievova, by bus number 96. Bus No. N61 offers a bus service at night as well.

Here are helpful timetables for each bus servicing at Bratislava Airport:

Visit the bus line's website to learn more about the routes, costs, and regulations each bus company is subject to.

Bus Ticket

Bus tickets can be purchased from the driver while traveling on the bus or at the ticket window in the Arrivals section of the terminal building on the ground floor of Bratislava Airport. Additionally, their kiosks allow you to buy tickets.
A ticket is 1.30 euros for three zones and is suitable for 60 minutes with changes.