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Bratislava Airport Train Transfers

Passengers have various ground transportation options after landing at Bratislava Airport, including buses, taxis, rental cars, and hotel shuttle services.

Some transit options are available for travelers looking to cut costs or avoid traffic. Bus and taxi are the quickest and least expensive ways to get from BTS to the train station. From the Bratislava Airport, bus lines run directly to railroad stations.

The closest train station to BTS is the central railway station in Bratislava. There are shuttle buses and taxis that go to the airport.

Bratislava Main Railway Station

The primary rail hub for Bratislava in Slovakia is the Bratislava Main Railway Station. On average, 60,000 people use it daily. The Bratislava central railway, which serves as the primary hub for domestic and international traffic, is the station with the most foot traffic in Bratislava. The distance to Bratislava Airport is 7 km.

In addition to international routes, this station offers domestic services to Austria, Croatia (only in the summer), the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and Switzerland.

A bus that will take you to Bratislava Train Station in 18–20 minutes can be boarded at the airport. Only take Bus Line 6 when traveling to Bratislava Station by bus; it runs continuously and departs every 20 minutes. A bus stop is outside the air terminal as you exit the airport. Tickets for buses typically cost €1.20.

The local public transportation system (MHD) is centrally located at Bratislava's central station. Thus, it is easily accessible from all areas of Bratislava. Nearly all the night buses, which this station serves as the hub, and many buses and trolleybuses, have their termini here.

Among the services provided inside the station are ticketing, a waiting area, shops, offices, and an office of the Railway Police.

The travel agency is open daily from 7:20 am to 8:25 pm. ZSSK has a travel center with open counters, making it easier to make international reservations, couchettes, and sleepers than to shout through a window in a busy booking hall. To enter the passageway below right, turn right after ascending the stairs from the greenhouse and entering the 1905 booking hall. On the right, you'll see it marked with distinctive orange signage.

Suppose you need to leave your bags while exploring the city. In that case, there are self-service lockers and staffed left luggage offices available in several locations. For information on prices and opening hours, visit the page for luggage lockers. Enter the 1905 booking hall through the Sklenk or greenhouse and enter from the station's exterior. As shown in the leftmost image below, a small hallway leading from the far corner of the hall leads to the staffed left luggage office. Upon exiting the train, turn right as you enter the old booking hall.

Train Tickets

The Sklenk (greenhouse) is home to the Slovakian Railways' domestic ticket office, which is open daily from before 4:00 until after 0:00. On both sides of the 1905 booking hall, up the steps from the greenhouse, there are ticket windows for more complicated transactions such as international tickets, reservations, couchettes, and sleepers. Every day from early morning until late at night, they are open.

Popular domestic routes and their estimated ticket prices from Bratislava Train Station are listed below:

  • Bratislava to Košice for €12.90.
  • Bratislava to Prešov for €19.90.
  • Bratislava to Žilina for €11.90.
  • Bratislava to Banská Bystrica for €9.20.

Slovakia is exceptionally well connected with direct train lines to all its neighbors. The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria have the most available lines from Bratislava. However, direct train service to Poland and Ukraine is also an option. From Bratislava, these are some of the international routes:

​Trains from Bratislava to Germany

  • Bratislava to Dresden for €39.
  • Bratislava to Hamburg for €59.
  • Bratislava to Munich (via Vienna) for €39.

Trains from Bratislava to Austria

  • ​Bratislava to Vienna for €13 - €17.
  • Trains from Bratislava to Hungary
  • ​Bratislava to Budapest for €17.50.

For information about ticket prices and options for purchasing them, visit the railroad's official website. On the Slovak Railways website,, you can find the most recent information about rail connections to the Main Railway Station in Bratislava.